H4-X Swash plate

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I have a helicopter frame with H4-X swash plate configuration. As you are already know that pixhawk is supportng upto 3 servos. Do you have any suggestion? How can I modify the mixer for this configuration?

Use a FBL-unit that supports H4-X swash plate configuration and setup the Pixhawk to work with a FBL-unit. The FBL-unit must have channel assignment, check the FBL-unit posts.

I have a 4 servo swash on a big gas heli. I modified the 3.3.3 code to support 4 servo, I can send you the binary if you want. It is working fine for me, but I give no guarantee. I believe that others have done this but the developers do not want to include 4 servo code in main stream as it is very rarely used.

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Thanks for your response. Can I use Helicommand HC3sX for that?

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sorry I don’t know it because I have neither a HC3sX nor a heli with a H4-X swash plate. According to the manual you have analog inputs to the HC3sX which means you can connect aileron, elevator, collective pitch(throttle) and rudder from the Pixhawk output to the corresponding input of the HC3sX and the manual shows H4-X swash plate option as well therefore it ‘should work’.

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Thanks to Tridge: Chinook heli support in ArduPilot