H1 Helicopter - Yaw/Cyclic mixing for mixed turns - How to adjust parameters?

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I am new to setting up traditional helicopter with a FC so please indulge me.
I have set up my machine following the traditional helicopter setup & tuning pages with limited success so far.
The mixing arrangement that adds roll in the direction that rudder is applied so as to provide a coordinated turn in forward flight is working. My machine toilet-bowls only when I apply yaw/roll stick inputs in hover & this seems to be related to the yaw/roll mixing. Is there a way to adjust the proportion of yaw/roll mixing & also possibly its proportion in relation to airspeed. I believe my problem may be best solved by improved yaw tuning but I would still like to get an understanding of the yaw/roll facility.

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What parameter are you referring to? There is no feature that I know of that applies roll in the direction of rudder.


A log file would be great as a starting point to help you.

Thanks for replies

Bill’s comment has just made me think that I may have unwittingly introduced the mixing by my set up of my teranis radio. I will go through that & see.


It is perfectly fine to put in a mix in the RC for roll to yaw mixing that you can flip in and out with a switch on the RC for manual flying modes. I have several custom mix curves set up in my RC for high-speed turns with single-stick flying. And can turn them on or off as I desire.

There is no roll to yaw mixing in the ArduPilot code. Roll to yaw mixing is sort of handled automatically in Auto flight mode but it is not really a “mix” - it is two different controllers working together that achieve the results of a properly mixed ball-centered turn in Auto flight mode.

I will also add that ArduPilot is one of the few, if not the only, helicopter autopilots that can handle sling load operation in auto flight mode. As long as spline waypoints are used. It doesn’t work with regular waypoints.

At 20-30kts the autopilot will keep the sling load centered and inline with the helicopter’s mast in a turn on roll, with the load only lagging in pitch axis due to aerodynamic loads on tether and load itself. Getting a sling load flying, and coming to a stop with it, the autopilot can’t handle. That requires a highly experienced human pilot to get the load in flight and set it down. We fly sling loads up to 15lbs with the big gas piston heli’s on a short tether, with minimum fuel in the tanks for the flight.

Hi There Folks
Thanks very much for replies so far. I went through my radio to ensure mixing was not occurring there (none). I re-loaded board with latest trad heli firmware & defaults. The Yaw/Roll mixing I am interested in occurs thus:

With the board active & connected to Mission Planner. Looking at the flight data screen the copter has a Red (current heading) line that is aligned with the board & a yellow/orange (direct to current waypoint) line that moves according to TX input. With a properly tuned tail rotor the two lines align in flight & there is no “Yaw/Roll mixing”. With copter sitting on bench & PID & tail active the Yellow line may diverge from the red & in this condition, when you apply pitch-forward, a degree of roll is also added. The amount of roll depending on the amount of divergence.
This appears to me to be all right & proper. Say a yaw-roll version of H_Col Yaw (Collective pre-comp) You may not even notice it with a properly tuned tail. I noticed that having gone back to default settings the amount of “Yaw Roll Mixing” has changed so it must be adjustable somewhere. Would anyone know what settings might govern this? It seems to be causing my machine to toilet-bowel when switching into Loiter.


It would really help if we had a param file and a log file. If you could post that, that would be great! We really need to see your settings before we go any further.