H-frame takes the long way to yaw (bug)

Any automated flying, the copter turns in the wrong direction (takes the long way around). I also had to inverse that channel in Taranis. However, it successfully maintains a heading once it arrives there, so this would have to be a bug right? If my motors were spinning wrong way (I’ve checked 1000x), copter would perpetually spin as it tried adjusting minor heading changes, right?

Logs pending…


sorry, i had to inverse ele, not rud

autotuned and now it yaws correctly

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so I’m still having occasional incorrect yawing, almost seems random

I noticed today autotune set all 3 angle P gains out of range… should I adjust these back into range? does this hint at a possible cause of my issue?

edit: side question, ATC_ANGLE_BOOST only applies in alt-hold modes right? surely not in stabilize and accro?