Gyroscope Outputs (MPU6000)

Hi, I am currently trying to read the outputs of the gyroscope and accelerometer (MPU6000) on the APM2.6. Using the code: “AP_InertialSensors-MPU6000” that is given by the Arduplane 2.75 file, I loaded the program and run it. When reading the outputs, I notice that when I rotate the APM2.6, say 90 degrees any direction, the output shows that there are changes, but then it returns back to zero when it is still placed at 90 degrees.
Can some one please tell me what outputs units are the gyroscope since I am not too sure if it is measuring the displacement or something else.

Sorry if I am posting this at a wrong place, not sure if this should be under codes or sensors.


Sounds like you might be reading the accelerometer (deg/sec/sec) outputs which should go to zero when there is no further movement in the IMU from one position to another?
If these are rate gyros (deg/sec) they should only show an output when the IMU is being moved.

Thanks for your reply. I think you are right.