Gyro Reversed?

Hey guys,

I hope I have this in the right board. So my problem is that my gyro’s are reversed. When I open up Mission Planner with my quad hooked up to my computer via USB, I can see the quad’s orientation in the Flight Data tab.

When I tilt the quad forward (nose to ground), the green ground in the HUD moves up to simulate me pointing towards the ground. The opposite happens when I have the quad tilted backwards (nose to sky).

Now the issue is that when I make my quad roll left, the HUD simulates the quad rolling right. When I make the quad roll right, the HUD simulated the quad rolling left. As a result, when I try to fly it in stabilize mode, it tries to correct itself but only ends up rolling the opposite direction and making the problem worse.

As a result, I figure it’s a gyro problem. I’ve already tried redoing the Accel Calibration and compass calibration several times but it’s still doing the same thing.

Any help guys?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind ignore this! I’m an idiot :stuck_out_tongue: It’s supposed to do that

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I was tempted to tell you that what you were seeing is normal, but I am glad that you figured it out on your own.