Gyro filter tuning

Hello there. I’m trying to fight vibration on my penta6 3inch multicopter.

I followed the guide to tune the notch filter. I have good results with accelerometers but not good for gyro.

Please check this folder for files with pre and post data. After the tune, I still have peak at 260hz ish.

System has ESC telemetry enable.

The issue that I have is :

  • bouncing in altitude hold
  • drift also in stabilize
    How can I improve the system?

You should set INS_HNTCH_OPTIONS to 2 rather than 1 to get a notch per motor. The tune is not great - did you run autotune?

Due to high noise, unable to perform autotune currently.

Will try to set to 2 and see what happens

Your pre-filter log didn’t have batch logging enabled so no way to check the notch filter parameters you used.

I’m curious about this one. Does the ATC_RAT_PIT_D = 0.0005 seem really low given the PIT_P is 0.08? the P:D ratio is really high so you may have insufficient dampening.

For reference, when I started I had the default PIDs/2, which meant my 7" had a P of 0.07 and a D of 0.002 initially.

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how can I enable it ?

This is a temporary tuning in order to solve gyro noise. Once that is solved I can spend more time on tuning

INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1. You must have done this in order to set the Notch filter frequency but it’s disabled in your pre-filter log.

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after configuring INS_HNTCH_OPTIONS to 2 vibes are much lower and it fly stable. I quickly tested it also outdoor in Loiter with (initial) good results.

Yes, Dynamic Harmonic has worked well for me also.

BTW I checked the log and one of the 2 has raw data for the filtering. Could you please double check?

Without the Pre-filter batch log it’s hard to know how effective the result is:

You have this. OK, could be good…

ok, something wrong with Pre-filter log.

anyway this is what I got now.

Even w/o comparing to a pre-filter log I’m sure that’s very good.

BTW-No need to show the Accel graph when discussing the Notch filter.

Thanks. learned something new!

I will now apply this to few other system to improve them