Guidet mode mis_done

Hi, i have a problem with my Boat with Pixhawk 4 software 4.1.2 .

In guidet mode the boat drives directly to the wp ( mis_done_behave = 3 manuel ) , but after reaching the wp the boat doesnt stop and activate manuel , it turns on point and it seems that it will reach the spot again and again … does anyone have a solution or tip ?

Thanks a lot !

MIS_DONE_BEHAVE does not work for guided mode. There is nothing wrong with your boat. It enters a Loiter mode (sub mode of guided, I believe, as mode is still guided). So the boat keeps the position around the point reached determined by your setting for Loiter radius.

Hey Olav , i found out when i switched the parameter frame_class from boat 2 to rover 1 it stopped in Manuel ( mis_done_behavior = 3 manuel ) and Carppilot pro ( also manuel parameter ) it worked perfekt! Schöne Grüße

OK. And thanks! Learn something new almost every day. I assume the difference from standard rover is intentional (holding position while still keeping the mode in guided generally makes sense for a boat).