Guidedmode query

We just completed a flight and have a query around guided mode. When we put a value in ‘fly to alt’ and then did ‘fly to here’, there was a significant input of power to then reach that altitude immediately. When doing the same but with an altitude lower than our current position, it would descend slowly.
Could someone please confirm the procedure for ‘fly to here’ and ‘fly to here alt’. Ultimately we would like the aeroplane to fly to the respected altitude and position gradually rather than immediately.

if you are flying a long distance I would do a
fly to here, then a fly to alt command
this will set the target destination far away, and then set the destination alt. and it will slowly climb

this issue with using fly to alt is that when you use it the target destination has already been archived, so its only action is to climb.

there are also TECS settings to control max climbrate and decent rate.

Thanks Michael,

Ok so I click “fly to here” and then the aeroplane will fly to that position. I understand that.

How do I as you say “ set the destination alt” so the aircraft will climb slowly?


  1. fly to here
  2. fly to alt

is all you have to do