Guided takeoff causes crash when R/C is off

I’ve documented the problem here:

but wanted to spur on more discussion.

It appears that if you have a R/C receiver that does not send the last know R/C PWM levels for yaw, pitch and roll and the R/C is turned off, the 3.4 firmware will take 0 for yaw as maximum yaw left (and likely max roll and pitch) upon using guided takeoff.

The work around right now is to keep the R/C turned on even if you are flying the copter with a GCS.

I’d expect the copter to use the mid-stick values (1500 for yaw, pitch and roll) if they are all set to 0 PWM. Throttle should be set to 1000 (or min-throttle) if there is not input for non-automatic modes.

It really depends on how your RC receiver implements a lost signal. There are several options depending on receiver manufacturer, that might be; no pulses, last position or preset position (these are only the ones I find most often)

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If the R/C is turned off, shouldn’t the nominal value (PWM=1500) be used as the default for Yaw rather than maximum left yaw? There may be some confusion in the code with 0 meaning “release R/C control” and maximum left yaw as well.