"Guided" setup workflow


not sure, if this is posted in the right category so please feel free to move if needed.

I’m an absolute noob in DIY copters and honestly had my difficulties to gather all information I need and to sort it in the right order. I now created a document myself containing all the things I collected so far and I now watched with interest the discussion on Alt-A and integrating it into Mission Planner.

Generally that is a good idea but … as a noob I’m missing a bit of guidance. Not only which things I need to do but also in which order.

As such I suggest the following:

  • split the MP user interfaces into a “standard” and “expert” version
  • add a switch so users can switch between both versions
  • “expert” should stay as it is, so all the expert users find their stuff where they expect it to be
  • “standard” is for noobs like me, offering a guided setup workflow

That workflow could look like:

Step 1: Install Firmware
Step 2: Set frame type (plus Initial parameters)
Step 3: Connect Radio + Calibration
Step 4: Connect mandatory hardware
Step 5: Accel calibration
Step 6: Compass calibration

…and so on. I guess, a useful sequence comes out of the 7" copter build.

As you see, if it’s ordered, Alt-A might not be right (for “standard” version) in Step 2 but in “Step x” when setting up the ESCs.

Just the thoughts of a new DIY builder…


Mission planner already has a standard and expert interface mode.

The documentation already explains you the order to do things.

You do need to read a bit in order to get a copter running, but it will have more performance than any other software.

Hello Amilcar,

thanks for your answer. Don’t feel offended, that wasn’t the intention of my posting. I also don’t question the performance of neither Ardupilot nor MissionPlanner. But … as I read many posts of users forgetting something or not following the correct order, there obviously might be something that can be improved.
I can’t recall how many times I’ve read the question “did you run Alt-A” from the experienced users…
I just can tell you my experience (and I do not consider myself as stupid or lazy reader, I do read a lot before I “do”), it’s often written “we need feedback to make Ardupilot/MissionPlanner” better and that’s what was my intention.