GUIDED_NOGPS Takeoff and move forward

Hey There,

I want my copter to takeoff and hover at one point indoors using GUIDED_NOGPS, and I tried this example given in GUIDED_NOGPS Movement

But no success after arming the copter through dronekit python the takeoff is not getting affected and showing same altitude with little variations and doesn’t affect the motor speed and atlast getting disarmed after 5 seconds.

If anyone had worked or working on same kind of project, please let me know how can I make the quad takeoff and hover at an altitude.



Giving a quick look at that code, at least, the type mask is wrong. Look at, you can see that bits should be set on what parameters the vehicle should ignore - setting to 0 means it won’t ignore any parameter which is probably rejected.


Thanks for the help, I was sending 0 duration time and for that the copter wasn’t getting any mavlink command. Now the motors are spinning at a higher rate after start.


Can you tell me how you solved the problem?
I apply the same code
But I am facing a problem that the altitude that the drone is flying is not identical to the one I entered

how i can solved it plz ?