Guided mode question

Hello everyone- I wonder if the Mission Planner has to be connected with the Pixhawk all the time during guided mode or it can be disconnected. Will the guided mode run if the laptop or tablet goes to hibernation or lock mode?

Hi, once the mission is uploaded you do not need your laptop. If you are using a radio control unit you could set channel 7 to save waypoint and channel 8 to delete waypoint. Drive to your spot and click save waypoint as many times as you dare then select auto and off it goes. Click delete to remove the mission. RTL will always come home. Cheers kev

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Thanks for your reply. I understand you are referring to Auto mode where you save the waypoints on Pixhawk. Was curious about Guided mode as it’s fastest to set etc “fly to here” without having to upload it.

Normally, on guided mode we expect a controler otherwise you will trigger a failsafe.
Then, without a gcs only position control will work as other commands expect a stream of commands to work

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Thanks, good to know.