Guided Mode Object Avoidance Issue

I have the BendyRuler Object Avoidance running using a LighhtWare SF40C 360 Lidar. The BendyRuler works great in Auto Mode, avoiding obstacles while enroute to the next waypoint. The Guided mode works as expected, with a GPS module attacked to my GCS it tracks and follows the published GPS locations.

The issue arises when trying to use the BendyRuler obstacle avoidance while in Guided mode. The vehicle stalls often. It will reach the desired GPS location but after minutes of stopping and starting and long (~ 15-30 seconds) periods of stopping. If I switch to Auto Mode with a preloaded mission the vehicle resumes normal performance, without any of these issues.

It seems like it may be a potential processing power issue? I am running a Cube Orange currently.

Any help/advice is appreciated!

Below is a link with two flight logs. One was the Guided Mode (No BendyRuler Avoidance) performing as expected, the other is Guided Mode with BendyRuler that has the long pauses and lags.