Guided Mode Object Avoidance Issue

I have the BendyRuler Object Avoidance running using a LighhtWare SF40C 360 Lidar. The BendyRuler works great in Auto Mode, avoiding obstacles while enroute to the next waypoint. The Guided mode works as expected, with a GPS module attacked to my GCS it tracks and follows the published GPS locations.

The issue arises when trying to use the BendyRuler obstacle avoidance while in Guided mode. The vehicle stalls often. It will reach the desired GPS location but after minutes of stopping and starting and long (~ 15-30 seconds) periods of stopping. If I switch to Auto Mode with a preloaded mission the vehicle resumes normal performance, without any of these issues.

It seems like it may be a potential processing power issue? I am running a Cube Orange currently.

Any help/advice is appreciated!

Below is a link with two flight logs. One was the Guided Mode (No BendyRuler Avoidance) performing as expected, the other is Guided Mode with BendyRuler that has the long pauses and lags.

From further testing I found that the normal Guided mode, triggered from a “Fly to Here” command from the GCS, functioned as expected with BendyRuler Obstacle Avoidance running.

This makes me question if the issue seen in Follow performance, with waypoints updating from a GPS dongle on the GCS side, stems from the GPS updating of waypoints. Might I need a different GPS dongle? Change a certain parameter related to update rate?

Further, from the ArduRover docs I am still pretty unclear as to how the Follow mode and Guided mode with GPS updated waypoints are different/when one should be used over the other. My current workflow is I enter the Setup > Advanced > Follow Me and begin the GPS update at designated baud rate with 2 Hz update rate. The GPS location is reflected on the map in the “Data” tab accurately. When I arm in Guided mode the rover will track these waypoints. When I enter “Follow” mode with the same setup no movement occurs, and my location is not updated on the map.

Any insight to these items would be greatly appreciated! I will continue testing to try to resolve this issue

I was able to resolve this issue by dropping the refresh rate in Setup > Advanced > Follow Me to a rate lower than the GPS dongle refresh rate.

Also, I couldn’t find anywhere this is discussed but from my interpretation after using the features “Follow Me” Mode and the “Follow Me” Feature are completely different.

The “Follow Me” Feature in Setup > Advanced > Follow Me updates Guided Mode with a GPS coordinate fed through a COM port.

The “Follow Me” Mode receives MAVlink data to follow another vehicle.