GUIDED mode How to see the MP's raw Mavlink RC commands IN and OUT?

Hi all,
we are trying to understand the list of Mavlink RC message that MP send to the FC in order to put it in Guided mode correctly.
We are trying to finish our Arducopter based swarm project, actual phase realizing a custom ground station for realtime swarm for arducopter flight stack.
Now we could just ARM the copter but we could not change any mode like to Guidemode , we get the unsopported message back. We think we need to execute some more commands on startup, like mission planner does lots of command activity on serial connection. Do you know which are the list of those commands and the order they are executed ? any other idea of the commands we need to execute to put our quad in guidemode after armed ? Thanks

I’m still trying to imitate MissionPlanner Mavlink message to quadcopter invoking guided mode. I’ve seen in the ctrl+F menu that the “Mavlink” button permit to mirror all the incoming mavlink sent to Mission Planner. I’m looking instead for the Mission planner outcoming Mavlink, how could I monitoring the Mavlink stream of Mission planner, sent to the quadcopter?
After Arm, I need to put the quadcopter in Guided mode, what’s the correct mavlink command and parameters 1, 2 and 3 ?


use MP to create a tlog with the commands you want in it. then convert the tlog to csv using MP.

this will show you the commands/packet mp send to the autopilot and its response.