Guided for autonomous quad copter

i want to make up an indoor autonomous quad copter(without GPS) and i have Pixhawk 2.1,raspberry pi 3 and Px4flow
i need some tutorial about this way.
i search almost everywhere and go on with them but every time i struggle in Halfway and confused
nothing is complete
can you suggest me useful way?

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Hey, here is some info regarding non-GPS based guidance. Firstly I would guess you have already read the info in the arducopter wiki but in case you missed it there are four methods listed there.
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
There are should be enough info for you to start implementing your chosen method. Also you’ll find links to further info regarding setup for each specific system.

Here is a link to the posxy wiki:
which includes setup info, although I would personally focus on the info in the arducopter wiki regarding VIO tracking cameras (link 3 above) as that has a pretty detailed guide to setting up a stereo camrera as a GPS substitute.

Anyway, good luck!