Guided_enable command in Flight plan


I’m flying arduplane 3.9.8
I would like to use the GUIDED_ENABLE command in flight plan
GUIDED_ENABLE is available in arducopter flight plan but not in arduplane

thank you !


+1 would be very useful for me also

Same for me ! I this command in my missions

The Guided_Enable command is essential for the precision landing systems (LoLas) that we develop
Guided_Enable is available in Flight plan for arducopter why not for arduplane?
Thank you !

It is in the wrong forum. Guided_enable command does not implemented in Plane, it is not a problem with Mission Planner.

Thank you Andras

I’m trying to find a way to set the Guided flight mode into a mission for a vtol plane
We use this mode for precision landing in Africa where we deliver health products by drones for NGOs.

So you know an other way to set this Guided mode into a mission ?
I’ve already tried to use the DO_SET_MODE command
I’ve tested it simulation it does not work and I don’t the the value to use in “mode#”