Guidance on fine tuning flight of large UAV?

What is the recommended strategy for fine tuning flight of a large and heavy UAV? In particular, I am not interested in acrobatics. I want a stately and controlled flight when not conducting automatic flights.


Arducopter V3.5.5 (27229c83)
Octocopter - coaxial - X
Calibrated T-Motor T80A 400hz ESCs with T-Motor U7 V2.0 KV490
Here+ GPS Compass

Primary Uses

I expect to be carrying payloads of approximately 8kg. The payload is large, awkward, and expensive.

I appreciate your advice,

10 hz filters
0.07 autotune agrr

and do 3 autotune flights, one axis at a time, charge batterys after every flight.

should be fine afterwards. maybe lower the error/rate parameters a bit further.

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Disastrous crash on autotune.

Had 5 good flights, but I didn’t like the twitchiness so I started autotune.

  • Changed Filters for Roll and Pitch to 10hz.
  • Changed AUTOTUNE_AGGR to .07.
  • Started to autotune on roll only
  • At two minutes of normally appearing autuning the UAV rolled toward front left and flipped 360degrees before hitting the ground.

Logs downloadable here