Gstreamer video timeout

@Michael_Oborne , Hello, I have a prob during long BVLOS flights, sometimes it happens we do not have video coming for a minute or two during very long missions, during that time MP video times out and doesn’t restart once the video stream restarts. Only way to have MP pickup the stream is restart it but we can’t do it during missions. Is there a way to have MP never time out on video? If i start a gstreamer window, even if the video hangs for minutes it restarts as soon as the stream comes to life again. Would be very nice to be able to do it inside MP too.



@Michael_Oborne hello Michael, any comment on the issue?
Thanks in advance


im making a change in beta MP to try forever. ie one you start it will keep trying to read frames, you will need to stop it manually

Great, will test it.

Thank you very much.

Works great!!!


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