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gStreamer How do you use it

(RickyG) #1

Is there any documentation on how to implement gStreamer. I am curious how one is to get the video off the drone and then to the hud.

(Artem Skorsky) #2

Hi Ricky,

Here is a blog post about this .

(RickyG) #3

I have gone over that a few times…thanks for sending it my way.
I am confused by a couple things. It appears that there is a Wifi Modem thats used for the wireless traffic. But in this example it’s connected to some form of Pixhawk carrier board I have never seen. It’s almost as though its a raspberry pi and Pixhawk cube together.
I think I need to read more.

(RickyG) #4

Ah found that Carrier board.

(Artem Skorsky) #5

Hi Ricky,

The method should work on your setup as well. Carrier board is just a board with RPI and other sensors packed nicely in a small size. You can just connect RPI to Pixhawk and run the code. Nothing different there

(RickyG) #6

Personally I think its too much extra equipment to loft.
I can get video on my Mission planner hub or phone using a video Ethernet server on my ground station. But thats for pointing me in the right direction.

(Artem Skorsky) #7

Soon we will launch cube carrier board with RPI CM3 same as orrigional carrier board with Built in CM3. I think it will be more convenient , and cheaper to use on projects.

(ppoirier) #8

@rickyg32 Gstreamer works fine with most of the embedded computers like RPI, ODROID and BeagleBone.The pipelines can be somewhat confusing and there is not easy way to '‘fit’ them together.

I know 2 ''ready made ‘’ projects available to our community
@peterbarker APSync :
@fnoop Maveric

I thinks these are good starting point because they are proven working with Ardupilot and you have a good choice of platform, I suggest the RPI3 - raspberrypi 3