GSoC Mentor Summit trip expenses [Approved]

Topic: GSOC Mentors summit
As part of the GSOC stippends there is a part for covering mentor expenses for the trip to the mentors summit. My self and Tom Pittinger will be attending the summit, all accommodations and food are covered directly by Google. This proposal is for covering travel expenses, airfare and gas I the case of Tom.

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [X ] : _________________


Planned amount $$ (USD):usd $700 airfare GDL-SJC-GDL.
USD $100 two gas tanks Fresno-SJC-Fresno
Total: USD$800.00

Estimated time for completion:
12-Oct through 14-Oct

Approved by funding committee, thanks!
Please take pictures and write blog posts sharing how it went! :wink: