GSOC deadline less than a week from now

Greetings again prospective students,

As you know Google’s deadline for submitting final proposals is Monday April 3rd, or less than a week from now!

So now is the time to submit draft proposals. Please avoid submitting final proposals at this time, as mentors in the Ardupilot team will not be able to read them until after April 3rd, at which time it will be too late to make any changes. Also the sooner you submit drafts, the sooner we can help you improve it if we think this is needed. We will almost certainly not have time (neither will you) to review and suggest changes if you send in proposals at the last minute.

Thank you to those who already have posted drafts! Mentors are or will review and make suggestions as needed throughout the week. Also make sure any document you share are editable by others, as this is the easiest way for mentors to communicate on specifics and provide suggestions.

Remember also to be as specific as you can, and not just restate the project description with minimal prior research or understanding. You need to demonstrate to us that spending a few months mentoring you will be worthwhile, as it will be a big time investment by the mentors, who will work closely with you if your proposal is successful. Also make sure you are very familiar with all pinned posts here, and don’t hesitate to further engage on gitter!