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GSOC 2020 Lane Following or visual follow me

Hello community , For GSoC 2020 I was planning for a proposal on “lane following or visual follow me” project idea. But it seems that ardupilot has removed that idea from the idea list available for 2020. As i want to willingly contribute to this idea what should i do now ? Should i apply it as own proposed idea ? Please help so that i can start framing my proposal for "lane following or visual follow me " project idea.


No issue, the idea we propose are only idea not the only project we want ! You can, and we encourage you to propose your own project ! That was you will present and defend the better.
It was removed as a developer was thinking he won’t have time to deal with the subject, but we got some other developer that can mentoring it.

Thank you very much for your reply, it means a lot to me. I will be very much interested to apply for the ardupilot organization this year.

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