Ground steering help

Anyone here experience with ground steering with arduplane , pixhawk. ?…g-for-a-plane/

Im trying to understand how it works. It says set GROUND_STEER_ALT to 5m, so it can control rudder once altitude gets to 5m? Is that correct? Once its below 5m it controls ground steering?

Now, does it control the rudder for the entire flight to a compass heading once in any mode except manual and once i let go of rudder and aileron? I think i’m mostly confused about that part.

Assuming it works the same as 3.1 then ground steering works from ground level up to ALT setting you have.
It will try to maintain the current compass heading but if you manually move the rudder/steering wheel (both on the same channel on my Cessna) it will change the compass heading fix. Once over the ALT setting the FC will not attempt to maintain that compass heading unless you are in a flight mode that does it such as cruise.
I “think” the aircraft needs to be moving at a certain speed as well for the heading fix to kick in but not 100% certain on that.

The other thing I’d stress is test test and retest it on the ground before going airborne with it. I was flying my Cessna quite happily until it came time to land, as soon as I hit the ALT height she constantly rudder turned to the right. It was because the rudder was reversed on mission planner but wasn’t showing up in flight.