Ground Control 2 distance sensor


I have on my drone a front and down distance sensor, but on the tablet I only can see one (the one on rngfnd1), no matter wich one I sellect.

There is anyway to see both?


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Where are you looking?


As you can see in the MP, I can see the front and down sensor, but in the Qground control only shows the down sensor.

The same happends with GQC on windows


I can’t read anything from those screen shots. What values are you displaying in the Instrument Panel?

Im sorry, i didnt realize how bad were the pictures

Here are better

As you can see, the “forward” info is always on “–” on QGC, meanwhile MP show me the forward info.

Ok, got it. Can you create an Issue for this in QGC GitHub and then include a telemetry log which I can reply to see how the messages for it are coming in.

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Great! thanks!

Here is the Issue:

Let me know if you need more info!