Ground check failure in FBWA

I’ve built a new plane, with a new pixhawk loaded with the 3.2 firmware. RX is FrSky X8R, TX is FrSky Taranis+. Telemetry is 3dr radios. In preparation for a maiden flight, I’ve been going through the calibration steps. Compass, radio, accelerometers, flight modes, etc. all configured without a snag. Everything looks good in terms of control surfaces responding to manual control, and the “HUD” in APM Planner2 shows accurate responses to orientation changes. So I started following this guide: … er-tuning/

to get everything tuned up, but in FBWA mode the control surfaces fail to respond to changes in orientation in any direction. I tried to tinker with PID values with no effect.

I’ve repeated the steps to calibrate various things many times with no improvement. I’m at a loss as to what the next steps might be to debug the problem, and my google-fu is failing to find answers. Is my best option to reset everything back to default values and try again, or am I missing something obvious?

I would like to attach a parameter file to show my settings, however the following file extensions have been rejected: param, txt, docx & doc. Any suggestions in this regard are also appreciated.

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You might try making it a zip file that can then be uploaded and then unzipped.


I have had the same problem.

A possible way to solve it, check the RCx_REV parameter, if it’is 0, pass it to 1 or -1.
This work for me