Grid Modeling Request / Idea

Hi everyone,

Short summary, we are a Montreal company specialized in the spreading of beneficial insects in biological control. We have been working for two years on our project in partnership with the Government of Quebec, an agri-environment research center and a company of entomologists. The results are currently very positive for organic production.

We have been using AC / Pixhawk since our early days and we would need a helping hand in the ideation / programming of a code for generating a grid according to a pattern established by entomologists.

Currently, we use the parameters of a random camera and try to reproduce the pattern according to the number of points, altitude, distance between points and overlap and generate a grid with do_digicam_control (Arduino controller) to mimic drop by pictures.

Would it be possible to implement a different system based on some basic parameters, without making the altitude-focal-overlap calculations. For example, we need x numbers of drop where each drop must be separated from 7m in x and 7m in y. Or, we have to make 50 drop per hectare, no matter the altitude or the speed or …

Thank you very much and cheers