Gremsy Zio - Mavlink commands not working?

I am using arducopter 4.4.0 beta2 and tried to use the mission planner aux functions like zoom and focus with Gremsy Zio and I get a command error. Neutral and retracted modes seem to also not be working because the gimbal does not change position when I engage these modes.

It seems like the gimbal is not receiving mavlink commands but I am not sure if this is the real problem.

I also get the message “Mount: GREMSY ZIO fw:” when I power up the drone which I think is wrong because I upgraded the firmware to the latest 7.7.4

Despite this, I am able to move the gimbal with the rc channels.

Hi @Andre_Freitas,

We haven’t backported the mavlink camera driver required for the ZIO to 4.4.0 yet. I hope to include that in the upcoming -beta3. Until then the best I can suggest is to try with “latest” by pressing Ctrl-Q on MP’s Install Firmware screen.

You’ll also need to set CAM1_TYPE (or CAM_TRIGG_TYPE) to 6 (MAVLinkCamV2)

Oh… now it makes sense why it does not work.

However, in the topic Copter-4.4.0-beta1 available for beta testing it says “Gremsy ZIO support” under “Camera and gimbal enhancements” which led me to believe it would work :thinking:

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OK, sorry about that mistake in the release notes. Hopefully with the next beta it’ll work… and your testing is greatly appreciated. We actually didn’t have access to the ZIO while writing the driver so we think it works, we got some positive feedback from Gremsy but I suspect that some features won’t work correctly… but if you can find what doesn’t work then I’m sure we can fix it.