Gremsy Pixy-LR S-port, but the gimbal does not work


I own and adjust the SONY ILX-LR1 and Gremsy Pixy-LR S-port, but the gimbal does not work, and although I can trigger the shutter when controlling the camera with mavcam, I cannot adjust the ISO sensitivity, etc.

I am setting it up while looking at the documents for Pixy-LR S-port, Pixy-LR, and Airpixel ENTIRE,
but there is little information on adjusting the Pixy-LR S-port, and I am very confused because I do not know how much the Pixy-LR has in common with the s-port.

It may be because the transmitter I use is SIYI MK-15 instead of Herelink, and I place the gimbal camera on a desk and adjust it facing upwards.

Also, I heard that additional wiring is not necessary, but it was written that additional wiring is required for the payload connection, but I did not know where it was referring to, so I did not wire it.

I need to adjust it urgently, so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me.

Thank you.

Below is the current environment.

Adjustment equipment
ILX-LR1, Gremsy Pixy-LR S-port
Environment: Place the gimbal camera on the desk and adjust it facing upwards
Additional wiring: Not installed
Pixy-LR S-port documentation

Pixy-LR S-port payload connection diagram

Pixy-LR documentation

Airpixel Please translate the ENTIRE documentation

Hi @iPso , please contact Gremsy Support at Also, please send us some more information and video of your system. Thanks!

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