Gremsy Pixy F with Plane 4.0.5

I’m running into some issues integrating a Gremsy Pixy F with plane 4.0.5. I can get it working just fine on copter 4.0.3 both running chibi os on a blue cube standard carrier board.

Below is the setup in copter.

telem2 set at 115200
telem2 protocol set to 2 for mavlink 2 (it works with copter as mavlink 1 & 2)

This gives me the ability to see the mavlink packets in mavlink inspector

Then if I set mnt_type to 4 for mavlink gimbal control I’m able to control the gimbal.

With the same setup on plane firmware I’m not able to see any of the mavlink packets in inspector.

I set up an arduino to mimic the gremsy’s heartbeat packet and connected it to plane firmware and I’m able to see the heartbeat. So it isn’t a mavlink routing issue as far as I can tell.

This was done with mavlink_msg_heartbeat_pack(1,154, &msg, 26, 0, 0, 0, 4);

I then can see this packet being sent from the arduino in inspector as well.

Kinda stumped I should at least be able to see the mavlink node.

Ah alright I solved it. It seems gremsy is looking only for multicopter types on their mavlink implementation to broadcast the gimbal to. When changing the aircraft frame type manually and compiling it notices plane (frame type defined as a copter) on the network. Requires a fix on gremsys end.


Have you reached out to Gremsy?

Yep I have. Talking with them about a solution. They’ve been very responsive thus far! I’ll update when there is one.


We’re already updated the firmware which supported the Plane. Any customers need it for your applications, please feel free to contact to us.

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