Gremsy Pixy F mavlink control -does it work?

Has anyone successfully got Mavlink control working for the Pixy F gimbal?

I have followed gremsy instructions:

In Mavlink inspector I can see the Mount_status>Pointing_a change when I move the joystick but the gimbal does not move.

Mavlink inspector shows telemetry coming from gimbal so connection seems to be good.

Is there a specific setting that is needed to make it work?

I have not been able to make it work either, I would also be interested if anyone has it working correctly!

I am also interested in the outcome of this. I have some integrations that are riding on this working, and it would be highly unfortunate to learn that MavLink is not in fact supported. Were either of you able to get the Pixy F working with MavLink control on Ardupilot?

Mason, yes I did manage to get the pixy to be fully controlled via mavlink. My mistake was plugging the cable into the wrong port on the gimbal.

Works well.

The flir duo pro however does not work via mavlink, it’s a clunky thing and I’m regretting purchasing it!

Hi Tegwin,
Thanks for the reply. Did you do anything different from following the instructions on the Gremsy website, parameter-wise? Our flir duo pro has given us problems as well - during a routine system reboot it stopped being able to take power correctly and is now stuck in its boot-loop and unable to give IR video. Unfortunate that such a pricey piece of gear is so poorly designed.