Gremsy Pixy F Deadzone

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using a Gremsy Pixy F controlled via RC transmitter / RC targeting (later use should be via MAVLink messages / MAVLink targeting during mission mode) which seems to ignore all commands below 40 degrees (tilt and pan). Once this angle is exceeded the gimbal will move as expected and can be controlled very precisely.

FW version: Arducopter 4.3.6.
Gimbal: Gremsy Pixy F (FW version 7.7.1; setup as described here and here).

Once power is applied to the drone, the gimbal will centre all its axes as expected (so mechanical failure can be ruled out).
Using the Payload tab in the Mission Planner as well as specific MAVLink messages to set the pan/tilt angle below 40 degrees will give the same result.

Are there any parameters within AP that act as a dead zone setting for the gimbal?

I am having this exact same issue with the Pixy F on 7.7.1. Tried ArduPlane 4.3.8, 4.4.0, and master.

This seems to be a bug in Gremsy’s firmware. I rolled back to 7.5.8 and I no longer have this issue.

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately 7.5.8 does not seem to work with Arducopter 4.3.6 (at least for me). Neither RC Targeting nor MAVLink Targeting will move the gimbal. Which ArduPlane version are you currently running? Did you do the setup according to the 4.3 and higher guide? Did you set any additional parameters?

I got a reply from Gremsy:

That’s the known bug of new gimbal protocol on the 7.7.1 combine with the Gtune software.

Please adjust the deadzone to zero by connecting the gimbal to Gtune → Settings → Control → switch to Herelinj and adjusting the Deadzone of Tilt and Pan to zero-> Switch back to Mavlink.

Our development team will fix this bug in the next release.