Green then yellow flashes - what does it mean?

I crashed my copter today. Before take off I noticed green-yellow flashes. I thought that if it would arm, its probably not important, but shortly after take off I lost control of the copter which crashed.

What do green - yellow flashes mean?
(Sadly the logs were disabled so I have no further information…)


Without a log file there is not much we can tell except that a yellow flashing led is the warning led, of any number of faults.
Did you take off with a flat battery?

No, the battery was full. So, it is common to have both the green and the yellow leds flashing in sequence when there is a warning? If i was able to arm, doesn’t it mean that the warning was not critical?


Without more information it could have been anything.
So now your saying the green and yellow were flashing in sequence?
What rate?
How long?
What is your setup?
Flight Controller?

Without detailed information, which we normally get from the logs, all I can tell you is it was trying to tell you something which you ignored and it caused a crash.

I have never seen a green-yellow alternating pattern, and Ardupilot does not have that pattern coded.

I can guess two possibilities:

  1. A GCS or companion computer can override the LED. If you weren’t using either of these, then:
  2. It was a combination of two patterns due to a periodic status change - one pattern which included green, and one which had yellow. If I had to guess, it might have been flashing green pattern (ready to arm), then flashing yellow pattern (radio failsafe). Check your transmitter and receiver to make sure it isn’t periodically losing connection due to power brownout or something.

What mode did you arm in?

Documented patterns are here: