GRAW message in log


I am trying to get the message GRAW to appear in the log since it has the LLI (Lock Lost Indicator) flag from UBlox for PPK purposes. This is since the OBS generated by Mission Planner does not include this flag which is a standard RINEX flag.

However, I can get it to appear in the log. I am running with
GPS_TYPE = 2 (for UBlox)

The M8P UBlox was initially configure using u-center to outputs the RXM-RAWX and RXM-SFRBX messages.

I can see the GRXS that are the raw GPS messages but the GRAW is missing from the log.

Would be happy to hear pointers.


Is the GPS baudrate set high enough for all the RAW data to come trough?

Thanks @amilcarlucas.
Is this the SERIAL3_BAUD ? I normally have it on 38 ==> 38400.
What should be the value to support the GRAW?

Yes, it is SERIAL3_BAUD.

You will need to calculate that. You need to find how big are the messages, and how often are they transmited.

But AFAIK SERIAL3_BAUD is ignored in UBX, and 115200 is used instead. And the GPS is reconfigured by ardupilot, so your u-center settings will be AFAIK overwritten

The M8P is configured to 10Hz using u-center and the GRXS messages do show up at that frequency in the MP log, so I think I have the bandwidth to log the GRAW as well… but it doesn’t.

I am not sure which steps are needed to get the GRAW to be written in the log as well.