Graupner Hott telemetry

I wish to have the telemetry of radio Graupner MZ-16 but its displays nothing.
I put the requested settings, but nothing works.

  • [SERIAL1_BAUD] set to 19 (for 19.2KBaud)
  • [SERIAL1_PROTOCOL] set to 27 (HOTT)
  • [SERIAL1_OPTIONS] set to 4 (Half Duplex)
  • [BRD_SER1_RTSCTS] set to 0 to disable flow control (optional)

I tried on different ports

Anyone to help me???

Graupner radios are really rare there are very few people use them with ardupilot so there really arent many people that can help you unfortunatly. Last time i set one up was over 4 years ago