Graphical problem on ubuntu Hirsute with mono

I have been using MP on ubuntu hirsute for months trough mono without any issues. Yesterday for some reason started to appear big yellow and purple boxes on the map. It looks like the black line and the purple trail (gps trail) are rendered incorrectly. Any hint?



Here it is:

Only yellow box in pic because drone doesn’t have a fix, when gps fixes the purple gps trail makes a box similar to the purple one.

has it always done this? i have no idea what the cause is

It does it since 2-3 days ago, same MP, probably some ubuntu update did it. Maybe is Hirsute release.

Don’t know if it was Ubuntu update or MP update to latest version but as of todays beta, MP works perfect again on Ubuntu Hirsute. No more yellow and purple blocks :slight_smile:

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