Graph Dataflash Logs Questions

Could I please ask for some help with these?
At the bottom left of the Dataflash graph window are buttons ‘. Graph Left & Graph Right’.


How do you uses these buttons?

Also after zooming in on a graph, how can you reset to graph to how it was loaded? Zooming out with the scroll wheel seems to vertically squash the graph.
Any help appreciated!

Those are used to select the range size/side.
To experience proper, smooth and nice graphs with all features, try APMPlanner2

Thanks, and I installed APMPlanner2 but when I load a log I get this?

I’ve never see that before, ut I do see that you have a very old version due to the “Jump to location” checkbox, that was replaced by a better feature long time ago.

Latest version should say 2.0.29-rc1 - build from source if you can.

Thanks for your reply. I will look for the latest version.