Gradual decrease in QGC response during longer missions on Herelink

We have note that on a standard survey mission that lasts more than 1 hour, QGS on the Herelink becomes slower and slower to respond. While all the stick functions, modes etc are working just fine, it seems that there is just too much “clutter” on the screen (photo icons, tracklog, etc) to display that dramatically reduces the ability to scroll or select functions in the app.

This seems to be a gradual process as the app is fairly responsive at first, but by the time we get to the hour mark in a mission, it is pretty useless and requires a reboot to clear. We are only using standard Mavlink data for mission planning and monitoring. There is no video enabled.

I wonder if reducing the amount of info on the display that is logged will help?

I don’t know what version of QGC is running on the HereLink you’d have to talk to those folks about this. But this is most likely caused by the camera trigger icons. This was fixed a while ago. Can’t remember if it’s in the latest regular QGC stable or only daily.

This is very good to know, thanks @DonLakeFlyer.

I am not sure of the version but I doubt it is the latest as the air unit of the Herelink is buried deep in the guts of the airframe and very difficult to extract to plug a USB cable into to update.

I will get the cutting torch and grinder out to give this a go.

@LukeWijnberg it’s probably not worth pulling the air unit out. I’d suggest posting on to get customer support for the herelink (and it’s QGC version).

Will do, thanks @james_pattison