GPS1 failing at configuration check. SBAS settings?


I am running HERE+ RTK GNSS with arducopter firmware 3.5, but when I try to arm the motor in loiter mode, it shows the error in the photo below:

But when i try to arm in stabile and then switch to loiter, it is fine. Really appreciate any suggestion on the issue. I have also uploaded the parameter of my copter:

matrix param20171011.txt (13.5 KB)

Set GPS_SBAS_MODE 2. GPS_SBAS_MODE 0 requires fetching the SBAS settings, which is not possible with an M8P.

I have the same setup with the same issue, when i change sbas to 2, it says gps2 failing comfiguration check.

@Rcmaniac Can you post a tlog or dataflash file? (At least the rest of the screen, it will send you another text message that says what part is failing)

Its weird cause why is it looking for gps 2 if gp2 and gps3 are dissabled. Maybe thats the problem, should i re check those boxs to renable them, i doubt thats the issue though.

Do you have the params? Off the top of my head if GPS_TYPE2 is not 0 then we will require a second GPS to be configured before allowing it to boot. If you have that set to 0, then if you can send me your full param set (or a log file) I will try and replicate it here.

params.param (13.5 KB)

here are the params. Thanks for all your help!

GPS 2 is enabled, set GPS_TYPE2 to 0 to mark that we aren’t trying to find a second GPS instance. If the instance is supposed to be present we require it before allowing arming.

okay so i set GPS_TYPE2 to 0 and now im getting a new error when i try to arm in position hold mode.

If you don’t have a second GPS then you can’t do GPS blending. Setting GPS_TYPE2 to 0 disabled the second GPS instance. I’m assuming you don’t actually have a second GPS on the system?

Anyways to disable blending and let you through the arming checks GPS_AUTO_SWITCH to 0 (disables any switching) or 1 (switch to the better GPS instance if you plugged a second GPS in) would work.

Well that fixed it, thanks for all your help!