GPS Yaw problem under Rover 4.5

Hello community members:

I have been using GPS yaw with Rover version 4.4.0 without problems; but the same set up and same parameter set doesn’t work in version 4.5. The GPS Yaw worked fine after I downgraded the firmware to the 4.4.0 release version.
Here is my setup: Matek H743 flight controller plus two Ublox F9P evaluation boards. The F9Ps are connected via UART (Serial 3 and 4) to the flight controller. I send RTCM message to the flight controller via telemetry.
Under Rover version 4.4, both modules get to RTK fixed and I receive the correct heading.
Under Rover version 4.5, however, GPS1 stays 3D lock while the GPS2 only gets to RTK floating. The RTCM led of one of the F9P modules doesn’t blink, which means it is not getting RTCM message. I have checked all the key GPS Yaw parameters and they are set according to the ardurover documentation. I have attached the parameter file below for reference.
2024-05-27 v4.4.0 GPS Yaw is working.param (18.8 KB)
Has anyone experienced similar problem? Could you please point me to the right direction?

Separately, I have a question regarding the GPS_DRV_OPTION parameter. I can only make the GPS Yaw work with GPS_DRV_OPTION = 0 under Rover version 4.4. If I set it to 1, the ardupilot message says the GPS modules were detected at 230,400 baud rate rather than the 460,800 defined by SERIAL3_BAUD and SERIAL4_BAUD, where the F9Ps are connected to. The GPS_DRV_OPTION = 1 setting hasn’t been working a few Rover release versions back.
Could you please help?

Thank you!

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My setup is identical, for all practical purposes, and I’ve changed exactly nothing with my GPS config since 4.2. I’m currently between 4.5 latest stable and 4.6-dev, (depending on the day) with no issues. GPS_DRV_OPTION=1 works as it should.

SERIALx_BAUD is not used for uBlox GPS modules. They are auto detected and auto configured.

Check the overall health of your components (physically and electronically). If all else fails, revert your F9Ps to defaults in u-Center and be sure to use GPS_AUTO_CFG=1.

Thank you, Yuri. You are right. Re-did the connection; problem solved!