GPS unhealthy signal vs. GPS glitch

I’m using Pixhawk4 with U-blox F9P.
I used to get a lot of GPS glitches so I disabled all unnecessary ports on the F9P side and it seems like it helped.
I also upgraded lately from arpucopter 4.0.5 to 4.1.3 and now I get Unhealthy GPS signal messages.
Are the GPS glitches (ver 4.0.5) and the Unhealthy GPS signal (ver 4.1.3) the same?
And what can be the reason for the Unhealthy GPS signal that I’m getting now?

Here is the, Nsat and Hdop from today’s flight when I got the Unhealthy GPS (I had 2 flights before, half an hour each, without any issue):


Were you able to solve this problem? What seemed to be the cause here?

GPS Glitch can be when the IMU calculated position disagrees with GPS position, usually caused by vibrations or poor compass caibrations - there is a range of causes.
We would need to see a .bin log where this is happening to know the cause and fix in your case.

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Thanks @xfacta !
The GPS Signal unhealthy message came when the drone was on the ground after which I disabled that particular GPS to avoid any mid-flight glitching. A big enough log file is not available.
I have checked the GPA.Delta message for the GPS which was reporting unhealthy signal.