GPS_TYPE 5, NMEA messager


my gps module is output standard NMEA message, after update to ArduCopter 4.3 or later, it no loger to read GPS. mission planner shown “No GPS”

the parameters setting as following:
Serial3_baud = 115

when back to AC4.2.3 with same setup, my pixhawk can detect GPS devices.

is it usual?

No it is not usual, please post your hardware and the .param file.

AC_parameters_setup_NMEA_GPS_Ver_01.param (15.0 KB)

.param file is in atteched. it work on ac4.2.3 as image below. any idea please let me know. thank you!!!

Hi guys, I am having the exact same issue. NMEA GPS works fine in 4.2 when set up as GPS_TYPE = 5
Serialx_baud = 115. Immediately stopped working when upgrading to 4.4 (I need 4.3 or 4.4 for the new HD fonts in the OSD). @iampete @tridge any ideas?