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GPS testing - how to reduce reception?

(Anthony Short) #1

I’m experimenting with dual GPS (2 x Here) on a black Cube running 3.6.4 ChiBIOS.

I figured to test with different settings of GPS_AUTO_SWITCH I could cover a GPS to reduce the reception. I can’t get this to work. I fully enclosed one GPS with two layers of aluminum foil, and I put the other GPS in a metal pot with the lid on. There’s almost no difference to the reported sat count and HDOP when they’re enclosed in metal. Maybe sat count drops by 1-2 eventually.

See attached pic of the setup and MP screenshot after several minutes with both GPSs covered.

What am I missing here? I expected the sat count to immediately drop to zero when I enclose a GPS in metal.


(James Pattison) #2

you could try setting an RC input channel to rcN_option = 65 (GPS Disable), but I don’t know whether that would disable one gps or both.
The other option, to check your parameters (but not your specific hardware setup) is to use SITL, which has some options to disable GPS1 or GPS2 independently (

(Jose Ortiz) #3

I work in a steel building and don’t get gps inside it even cell signal. try finding some steel that will do the trick. my phone also struggles with gps inside of a car unless its close to a window. you could try that as well but I know a steel building definitely blocks signals.