GPS stop working

i have the same problem, how can i downgrade to 3.4.6?

In Mission Planer under “Install firmware” and in right lower corner there is a option where you can select previous firmware versions. Remember to calibrate after load…

it works, many thanks.
but that you mentioned it was hardware bug? how can i fix it ? could you help on this?

I got a new Pixhawk.

was it single unit failure? or hardware bug?
i cannot buy a new one…
my pixhawk version is v2.4.3

I am interested to know how an hardware fault can go away with different software versions.
personally if it was me experiencing this issue. I would completely wipe the board clean and start from scratch with loading the software.

cannot get root cause, anyway after change to 3.4.6 or lower version, the gps working.

I downgraded to 3.4.6 myself because my neopixel external leds does not work with
3.5. Curious indeed

so that means the rc3.5 with some bugs?