GPS signal and Power from battery issue

Setting up a new frame with a brand new pixhawk, FW:3.3.3

When battery is connected immediately the GPS signal deteriorates, GPS fix is lost, sat count reduces and gpshdop increases. Unplugging the battery fixes the problem.

Have tried 3DR GPS/compass module, two different ebay M8N + compass modules that re-produce the same effect.

I use 6 castle creation ESC with only one of them with BEC.

Any thoughts ?

PS Have also tried removing the GPS/compass module from the frame, positioning as far away from the frame as possible (just in case there is a wiring/power interference issue, but the problem is reproduced)

(Not my first copter)

Never heard that before. So that would indicate its the copter causing the issue. Have no clue what that could be.


I traced the issue with the ESCs. < Castle creations, Peonix EDGE LITE 50. Maybe the BEC is quite active with EMF,

Jut checked another pixhawk and it appears that there is a board issue as well, although I have no idea why one pixhawk would be affected more than another

I think these ESC (castle creations phoenix edge) produce a mother of all EMF, they do have BEC which is probably why they they affect the GPS so much.