GPS rotation, cables exiting right side (lea6h)

Following the convention that the 3dr gps needs to be ‘ROLL 180’ in the settings in order to get the antenna skyward, I want to rotate the gps so the cables exit on the other side.

There isn’t a ROLL180, YAW180 in the orientation options, but i would expect PITCH180 to accomplish the same thing. I’ve tried this and still my compass readings are way off.

Is there something more to this? Anyone else choose PITCH180 over ROLL180 for the 3dr Gps?

[color=#00BF00]That is a software support question, no hardware support question! Please provide information about your setup and the firmware you are using so the topic can be moved to the appropriate subforum![/color]

This is Arducopter 3.1/3.2. I’ve gone between the two and this setting has been the same for many many version. Please move were appropriate, I’ll try and move myself if possible.

Otherwise setup is:
3DR X4 2014
APM 2.6 w/ ArduCopter 3.2rc1

Moved to Copter/3.1 :slight_smile:

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