GPS questions on 2.1 cube

Hi guys,
I am wondering what micro GPS I can run on my 2.1 cube that still has an internal compass, and also what I can do to get it off of a GPS Mast and onto the frame of my quadcopter without having interference.

I am currently running the Here2 GPS on a hobby store bought GPS mast, but I need to enclose my quad in a shell, and I want to put the GPS on the frame of the quad so that it will be enclosed in the shell similar to that of a Mavic or a solo. And obviously the Here2 is a fairly large footprint, and probably is not the best to run inside the shell for obvious form factor reasons

I do have a Neo m8n micro GPS from holybro that people said should work, but the last few times I hooked it up, it would never pick up any satellites, so I am not sure about that one.

So which GPS should I use, and how can I insulate it from EMi of the motors and power wires?