GPS Problem not recognized


As I am trying to do my first fly session, I have some issues about my gps which is a non 3dr gps (Beitian BN-800), there are things about my diy drone :

  • I am using a BeagleBoneBlue with debian and arducopter3.5.4 installed
  • Powered by a 3S LiPo Battery 5200Mah
  • There are no Radio Controller as I want to use tower’s follow me flight

On Mission Planner I see gps no fix written, as my gps is powered and a blinking blue led I can assume that it recognize many satellites (screens below)

I would like to do an unmanned flight session with Mission Planner first, by setting its own path on the map.

ArduPilot supports a lot of different GPSs:

but yours is not on that list. Does it talk NMEA ? if yes, then it could work.

It’s a cheap Ublox copy. Sometimes they work sometimes then don’t. Do yourself a favor and get at least a copy which says U-blox on the label :smiley: But if you willing to put it on anything worth more than a hundred bucks, then get a real U-blox gps.