GPS Positioning

Is it possible to use the GPS information only to direct the antenna tracker? I’d like to use a 1.3g frequency for video with a directional antenna on the video signal and my telemetry radios are 433’s, which don’t work well with the OSD. By the way, this is my first attempt at an antenna tracker using a Pixhawk module. Any help will be appreciated.

Without telemetry how will the tracker get vehicle position?

What I’m getting at is a way to use an Antenna Tracker without the telemetry radios. They cause way too much interference with the MWOSD module I use, as well as all the rest I’ve tried. Do you know of a way to use both telemetry radios and an OSD ?

If you can get it the NEMA data strings from your remote GPS through another telemetry radio system then it should be able to track well. That is a system I am setting up on a rocket.

I have a 900MHz RFD900+ transmitter for the NEMA strings, 1.3GHz for the video feed, and another telemetry system (435MHz) in the nose of the rocket. So all the hardware is within about 50cm of each other.

I am not sure if Ardupilot antenna tracker supports NEMA sentences (can’t remember), but I know that u360gts does and I am working on a tracker using that software.

u360GTS is also an open-source tracking project. Written mainly in Spanish, there is some good information and google translate is your friend.

From my experience with antenna trackers they are frustrating to get going. Stick with it and you will have a neat system.