GPS not working on latest versions


I am using Here3 GPS and cube orange.

with plane version 4.1.6, everything works fine.
upgrading to 4.4.4, or to 4.5.2, the GPS dose is un able to get a fix. number of sats: 0.

of course, no change to the hardware, wiring, power souce.

if i downgrade back to 4.1.6, GPS works fine.

Any ideas?

Here3 and Cube Orange do work very well on 4.5.x. The jump from 4.1.6 is a big one, and I wonder if some of the CAN settings changed along the way. If it says “no fix” then the GPS is connected, so make sure you’re outside and have a clear view of the sky. You might also want to consider updating the GPS. That can be done through Mission Planner. Here 3 Manual | CubePilot

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What is the value of GPS_AUTO_CONFIG?
If it is set to 2 (Enable automatic configuration for DroneCAN as well) trying to set it to 1 (Enable automatic configuration for Serial GPSes only).
I have had a similar issue with Here GPS stuck on “No Fix” because of GPS_AUTO_CONFIG.
Ideally a value of 2 should be working when using the Here3 in CAN mode but I had to set AUTO_CONFIG to 1.