GPS not healthy Unhealthy gps signal HGLRC M80 pro

gps + compass hglrc m80 pro only support nmea output protocol
i get 29 sats and hdop < 0.6. but MP show message gps1 not healty
this is bug from ardupilot? i think ardupilot not support gps with only nmea protocol

29 sats using NMEA requires a baudtate greater that 1 MBit to achieve 5Hz resolution.
Do you have that?

what baudrate should I choose? now 115

Hglrc M80 has replaced the chip with a Chinese GPS chip, which is obviously not of u-blox. If you don’t configure it, it will never output 5 Hz. This Chinese GPS chip does can’t save settings. It is not suitable for ardupilot. It only be used on inav.

The HGLRC M80 is a really bad GPS on any FC software, I did setup one of these on a arduplane build as a 2nd gps just to test it and it has very poor performance.